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Voyage to Infinity.
Book Six
The View From Infinity
IN THIS SIXTH BOOK OF the series 'A Voyage to Infinity' I summarise, through the eyes of my characters, a reflection of their experiences on their journeys across the physical universe. But more than this I attempt to imagine how two elite souls, standing on the edge of infinity, might observe young spirits currently journeying through chosen physical spheres under the auspices of their spiritual mentors. From the understanding I have derived from my sources over the years, a soul returning to the home dimension no longer possesses free-will – the solution to its life there ending in either a celebratory or regrettable conclusion in the spiritual dimension.
Reflecting back over the experiences in my life, one of the most profound pieces of advice I received was to look at the material life logically. Viewing the material existence from the physical perspective forced me to rationalise the transience of, and inevitable exit from the physical life. The more I focused on those two aspects, the more they revealed a connection to other facets in life; proving to be an advantage that also reduced the surreal stigma attached to the spiritual dimension's existence for me as I grew older.
In all my books I submit my sources' idea that individual souls have to make the first move; there is no way around this, as I believe now life here follows a definitive learning process that is subject to the use of one's free-will. The choice of the teaching process however differs in one important way, as the syllabus of life arises from proven souls who exist in the world beyond. It falls then upon one's ability to accept their teachings, either from historic transcripts or mediums practicing spiritual contact– the latter invariably providing a sceptical, insurmountable barrier. It follows then that if we can consider the source of these ecclesiastic hypotheses on faith, and then focus our minds on their values that clearly ask us to share one's wealth and knowledge with others, proof of the spiritual mentor's existence will come.
There are copious, ancient ecclesiastic sects around the globe, and after making a personal study of some, I distance my beliefs from those applying harsh rules which persecute believers, disbelievers and gender alike. The material aspects in life place demands upon us all as we progress on. Nothing comes easy, has been the case throughout my life, succumbing to the temptation to take the quick option time and again. I have found there to be no easy solution to life; put simply, what is right is right, and what is wrong is wrong. To find a moral solution in the face of those two extremes, I believe, must be achieved in the material life to gain any advantage in the world beyond. I submit again that the one prominent attribute that dogs our search for the truth is free‐will, and this is where the imperceptible conflict between the good and dark influences beyond can impose a toll.
It has become clear to me over the course of my life that the spiritual existence is the real world, and that the time spent in that speck of time we refer to as 'three score and ten' must be used to achieve a spiritual understanding in the material life. It all circles back to the individual's ability to accept what ancient historic doctrines and prophecies offer us. I have found that after extracting the symbolism, rife in many historic transcripts, they make better sense in modern times, and which then can help us to make that all important first move on the physical plane.

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