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Voyage to Infinity.
Book One
The Spiritual Inception
This first book The Spiritual Inception, in the Voyage to Infinity series, leads the reader further into the spiritual dimension. The Cyannian Trilogy, related the story of a cycle of events on a single physical plane; The Voyage to Infinity expands the idea, witnessing the birth of a spirit and then follows it on its journey across several material planes. For the young soul and its two proven spiritual guides, the implications of this mission are two-fold. As mentors, the spiritual guides' assignment is to chaperone and counsel the young spirit during it's search for the truth. If, or when the young soul achieves perfection, the reward for its guides will be the freedom of the Infinite One's Eternal Kingdom. For the young spirit, and its eventual companion, the successful completion of their voyage offers them the mentorship of a new-born soul, leading to a similar opportunity. In the introductions of these books I seek to offer ideas, I hope, will raise the curiosity of my readers to explore the reasons for our own purpose here. As with all my books, I make no plans. I simply allow those beyond to use me as their pen; sitting at my computer, typing out their message as the information comes. However, to the sceptic, what is written will appear to express what I believe is taking place around us.
Over the years, I have learned to accept the spiritual world on faith; finding the proof that it exists, manifest from that faith. One of the most over-powering facts I constantly refer to, and which influenced my belief, arose from contemplating the definition of the word 'inevitability'. In the context of the physical existence, it implies how we will all make our transition from this life, and enter the spiritual dimension whether we like it or not; it is a fact that none of us can dispute. The spiritual inception, portrayed in the opening chapter of this book, describes my understanding of how my sources imply a spirit might be created by an Infinite Being, and then set off on its journey. Whether viewed as fact or fiction, it symbolises the idea for me that we here, have also embarked upon a similar journey to learn essential truths. To illustrate the relationship between the physical and spiritual dimensions, I have placed text between three asterisks. These transcripts relate the relevance of the observations made by the mentors in the spiritual world. Used in the third book of my trilogy, Avataria, the idea seeks to describe how the physical planes are the arenas where the wills of these young souls are contested. Journeying through each material plane in the series, the reader learns how this threat from the dark influence focuses on these worlds; the deeds of the young souls there, governing the final outcome of their ultimate, spiritual achievement.

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