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Voyage to Infinity.
Book Seven
The Purlieusian Encounter
Now in the closing stages of their voyage to infinity, Vicky and Jamie stand at the threshold of the mentoring task of a virgin spirit. Having viewed life from the edge of infinity, they have seen that the physical realm stretches away into a vast dimension, with countless universes where the material life within them differs only in the time state.
This last task of monitoring a new born spirit on the Purlieusian physical plane begins as it enters it's incarnate period. Aware of the threat from the Evil One and his legions, because of the support for Simon's successful bid for redemption, Vicky and Jamie prepare for the worst scenario. The Evil One airs a personal determination that he will have the soul of their young spirit, having made no secret of that during past audiences with them.
The scene is set, and Vicky and Jamie turn their eyes from the view from infinity to gaze, once again, on the Purlieusian material plane as it moves into its second era. A second reset there is a mere smudge on its Celestial Horizon ‐ the Infinite One's patience on a physical plane once again to be put to the test. Vicky's and Jamie's knowledge of the challenges their young spirit will face is of no consolation, as the vitally important first move must come from the incarnate soul.
From their amassed spiritual knowledge, an intimidating notion dogs them, sensing them with the feeling that they are destined to venture in to the Evil One's dark realm to counsel their young spirit ‐ the topic they have been counselled on themselves by their kindred, proven spirit Simon.

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