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Voyage to Infinity.
Book Four
The Imperceptible Conflict
THE FOURTH BOOK IN the 'A Voyage to Infinity' series 'The Imperceptible Conflict', offers a little more of my understanding of what my sources impress upon me lies beyond the material existence. Again they emphasise; to achieve any level of success in the great spiritual adventure depends on how we conduct ourselves while passing through the learning spheres. This topic provoked considerable output from my parents. With a discreet sense of urgency, they constantly warned me of unseen entities bent on exploiting a soul's will: I touch upon this subject in the third book of my Cyannian Trilogy 'Avataria'.
As I grew up, the idea of an invisible conflict, going on around us, was a topic I argued over fiercely with my parents. Showing no understanding of their explanation of the meaning of life, I was unable to rationalise what I felt were phantom points they raised in support of their arguments. Asking me to accept, on faith, there was an invisible link existing between the physical and spiritual dimensions, I felt at the time was to concede to fantasy: and to suggest that invisible entities were able to impose their wills on physical incarnates, I believed then, was pure fiction. Contemplating the mood in our world today, I wonder. With many conflicts going on around us, and accepted that we enter this world in a state of profound innocence; on reflection, it is unnerving for me to admit now that perhaps attempts have been made to influence my most intimate of thoughts.
From my own observations, during the journey through infancy into adolescence, there appears to be a general need to satisfy childish, morbid desires in the young to persecute others; this again highlights the importance I have placed upon the parental role in previous books. As we mature, with the help and essential support from our parent hosts, life gradually comes into perspective. That said, the present, however, visits upon us a legacy that I believe has arisen from a general lack of parental discipline and past infant indulgence. In these modern times I feel, as a result of that legacy, we are witnessing acts of violence and disobedience in many facets of our societies.
Deliberating on the theme of the fantasies in my books, I wonder if we too are now heading for a showdown with the Supreme Being. It prompts me to pose this question; 'is it not obvious to us all that the young are our investment for the future?' To place huge demands on a family's financial resources to educate their children seems to me to throw into question, not only theirs and their children's future, but everyone else's. Is it any wonder then that the young become unmotivated and lose their direction in life.
Turning to the topic of irritability in our world, if we seriously consider various Biblical transcripts, with a little thought we can equate most with modern-day lifestyles. Viewing it from a personal perspective, I feel that what appears to dominate humanity today leans towards, what I term as, the Barabbas solution; meet force with force. However misguided some may feel such methods may have been, I do not view them as premeditated acts of evil, as underlying the intent there seems a genuine desire to free people from tyranny. But on this point let our imagination run riot, and consider how another slant may be applied to this and similar examples. If we consider physical planes like Earth as venturing through the transitory phase of the lower spheres of learning, then differences of opinion in life offer new young souls, passing through these spheres, an opportunity to consider the benefits of rational arbitration, as opposed to conflict?
Viewing lifestyles across the world, I pause occasionally to contemplate my comfortable situation today. I reflect back on one particular question I posed to my parents, asking why it was the Maker allowed some to have so much, while others so little. Their answer at the time seemed illogical, implying I should make do with less and give more. It cut no ice with them when I responded with the blind argument, that it would not serve poor peoples' cause if we descended into poverty ourselves.
Visualising their penetrating gazes then, now raises feelings of guilt in me now when I sit down to a wholesome meal, pop down to the shop or hear the jingle of money in my purse. On reflection, their answer, I believe now, highlighted my complacent attitude that took for granted my situation in a rich society. Now as we enter an uncertain future, I cannot suppress the increasing feeling; that similar to the hypothetical civilisations in my books, the richer facets of our civilisation may be heading for meagre times.
The flagging monetary systems around the world cause people to pressure their governments into sorting out the problems, and yet, they continue to place increasing demands on their country's dwindling, financial resources. As we hover on the edge of this symbolic abyss, could the possible threat of our civilisation foundering cause us to unite and pull back – Earth's past is littered with those who have failed to do so.
The ideas put in this book relate to the usual issues plaguing our world, but now viewed from the Celestial perspective. It will, I hope, reveal a little of the promise I believe our Maker offers those who lead compassionate and conscientious lives. Whether that statement labels me as a dreamer is unimportant, but I freely admit, now, that what my parents spent their lives teaching me has finally hit the mark. Having developed an intuitive link with those beyond, the impression I receive from them confirms in me that my parents' teachings were close to the truth.

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