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Voyage to Infinity.
Book Five
The Guardian of Nemisa
IN THIS FIFTH BOOK Of The Voyage to Infinity series, I have put together, and expanded on some of the most notable events that have impacted on my life. As before, in the story, my characters relive the experiences that occurred around me, but presented as a fantasy. I have had to be honest with myself over what those experiences meant to me at the time, and how they have led me to my beliefs up to the present day. Undoubtedly my parents played a major role in introducing me to their spiritual sources, but the ultimate decision to accept how those experiences influenced my life, fell to my ability to rationalise the truth of their sources' existence.
From a very young age I, like any young person setting out in life, anticipated companionship, job security, and the future retirement within the comfort of my own family. However, an intuitive feeling began to dog me from a very early age, implying that I was destined to spend my life on my own. As a youth, surrounded by my contemporaries, and enjoying the companionship of the opposite sex, I paid little attention to it, naturally feeling it was up to me to make the first move when the human chemistry started to work.
As I moved further into my teens, my parents continued to indoctrinate me into their beliefs– it was to be a long uphill struggle for them, initially finding it hard to penetrate my scepticism. As I approached my twenties, the first real idea that I was being left on the shelf came when attending past school chums' weddings. This revelation increasingly plunged me into bouts of depression; there seemed no justification why all my school pals were revelling in happy relationships, while I seemed deprived of similar opportunities to complete my own happiness. Despite well-meaning introductions to the opposite sex, brought about by my pals, each ended in disappointment or an abrupt refusal.
Becoming set in my ways, my parents, though sympathetic, reminded me of a directive I had been given in a previous séance, they had persuaded me to sit in during my sixteenth year. Embittered by the lack of companionship now, I eagerly directed the blame for my lonely predicament to the sources, they alleged, had charged me with that task to carry out for them.
Over my life, what I have come to believe the journey through those early years equate to now, has revealed to me that we may all have a pre-conceived plan to follow in our incarnate lives. In my previous books I touch upon this topic and its relationship with free-will. Having arrived at the idea that free-will has been humanity's Achilles Heel since time immemorial, it was as a result of this belief that I rebelled. I felt my needs were no different to anyone elses', and embittered with my lot, pledged to have nothing to do with the task my parents implied had been asked of me.
In all my stories, I have tried to illustrate the link I believe exists between the physical and spiritual dimensions, and then given my understanding of how a soul can open that link. My efforts however, have been constantly dogged by the persistent request for proof; in previous books, I have submitted my own hypothesis on why I believe there can be no proof.
Gradually, over the years, my parents' patience and understanding have raised the humility and desire in me to make the first move. After recognising the existence of our Maker, and His legions beyond, the proof eventually came for me, but not in the way I had expected. My personal experiences since have revealed to me there are no short cuts, and led me to hypothesise on what might have awaited me when returning to the life beyond– had I persisted in my belligerent attitude. But weighing up all that I have learned, the realisation comes across now that there was no other direction in life for me. After looking at the physical existence logically: with a sincere, intimate study of that logical evaluation of my life over the years, I see now, how that has helped me to develop my faith without leaning too much on the need for proof.
In my books, I continually focus on those two irrefutable facts in life my parents drummed into me– the transience of our lives, and our inevitable exit from the physical existence. These facts were the two most powerful revelations my parents could have offered me, and have had a definitive influence over my life since. It has made me realise that nothing in this world belongs to anyone, and subsequently impressed me with the idea, that our Maker desires us to share with each other the wealth, and knowledge, we generate in our incarnate lives here.

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