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Voyage to Infinity.
The objective of the Voyage to Infinity series is to take the reader further into the spiritual dimension. The Cyannian Trilogy related a fantasy of events on a single physical plane, while The Voyage to Infinity expands that idea; witnessing how a soul might be born, and then follow it on its journey across several material planes in search of the Infinite One's truth.
It seems reasonable then that any newborn entity, in whatever environment, needs the guidance of caring, conscientious mentors. In this new series, the task falls to proven souls who have completed their Voyage to Infinity. As mentors, the final assignment, asked of them, does not presuppose the knowledge they gained to be insufficient; rather more to share and pass on that knowledge and wisdom. The incentive to succeed in this final task then, offers the freedom of the Infinite One's Eternal Kingdom.
In the introductions of these books, I put forward ideas, I hope, will raise curiosity; perhaps encourage my readers to explore the reasons for our own purpose here. Another mystery, that has teased humanity's curiosity for centuries, is the lack of alien contact. It prompts me to deliberate on the question; are we unique? My sources tell me not; so why, then, have we not been approached? Answering that question, in sight of our present level of technology, I believe clearly reveals our limitations in achieving viable methods of contact. But what if viewed from the spiritual aspect. It would make more sense if advanced planetary civilisations were governed by a divine protocol; preventing superior ones from interfering with others progressing at more infant levels of existence; I discuss this idea to some extent in my autobiography 'Sixty Psychic Years'.
My mother, a practicing spiritual medium of long standing, put forward an intriguing supposition she had learned from her sources. It implied that any physical, alien civilisation possessing the freedom of the universe, were inhabitants of a higher physical plane; incarnated, proven souls in the service of the supreme Entity. To accept this as an answer to the protocol theory pivots on an individual's ability to believe in what lies beyond the physical life; my gut feeling comes down in favour of the divine protocol theory.
The prospect of cruel, greedy, immoral civilisations existing with the ability to extend their life-styles beyond the barriers of their worlds, places a huge question over the moral success of any developing world. The belief in a supreme entity, governing the universe, may be viewed as fantasy by the majority in a civilisation. However, my experiences in life have convinced me of His presence, and that a world's atmosphere He places around it; might not only be there to protect us from the universe, but to protect the universe from us.

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