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Voyage to Infinity.
Book Three
The Celestial Window
In all my book introductions, I have submitted ideas that have arisen from both my parents' beliefs. In this third book in the series Voyage to Infinity, I explore my personal feelings of what I believe my parents spent their lives teaching me. How, by living a responsible life that considered and shared the resources of our world with others, prepares one for the great spiritual adventure beyond.
It has been difficult to get over to anyone, reading my books, why I have come to the conclusions I have. Though my early years were governed by strict discipline, neither of my parents forced their beliefs on me; rather advising me to look at the physical life logically. I apply this idea, in the first two books of the Voyage to Infinity series, creating hypothetical situations where my characters act out my conclusions.
I have been careful, when using these ideas, submitting them as my understanding, which has developed over the years. The question has been put to me on many occasions during the past, why do I believe there has to be something beyond this life? To the Christian believer the answer is obvious; simply because Christ said so. With the beliefs I have today, His word is good enough for me. But what of those, symbolically speaking, who need to see the holes in his hands and feet, before they accept His word as fact?
The desire for proof that the spiritual dimension is the real life, no longer concerns me. After making the first move my belief arises, not only because of what my parents have taught me, but also from the subsequent experiences that graced my life as a result of that belief. Those experiences revealed the importance of essential values, which seemed to have no real significance in the physical existence, but could in the spiritual life.
If we consider the need for proof of the life beyond as essential, then viewing it in the context of the examination principle, it could equate to the answer paper resting next to the question paper. As I have stated in my previous books, the transience of our lives, and eventual transition from it, are both facts we cannot avoid. For me, after Christs teachings, these facts have become the focus for my belief. For me, they reveal something special awaits us in the spiritual world; if we can tread the straight and narrow.
It is, without doubt, a pious, incarnate soul indeed who can accept the truth from birth; only one soul I believe has truly demonstrated that in the history of our world. If it were not for my parents, I emphatically know I would not possess the faith I have today; parental responsibility towards the young being another theme I have laboured on in all my books.
When I look back over my life, I am responsible for countless misdemeanours; some made in ignorance, while others have been premeditated; symbolically speaking, where I have taken a bite of the forbidden apple. Dwelling on this, in light of my new faith, it has concerned me in my later years, but I have sensed since that our Maker is all forgiving. If we can genuinely seek to rectify our misdemeanours during our lives, I sense it will favour us when returning to the home dimension.
After making our transition, what then? In my books, I have tried to present some idea of my understanding of what I believe is the purpose for our lives here on the physical plane. Those venturing in between the covers of my work will, I hope, derive clues that may open up pathways in their minds; lead them toward what I have come to believe is our origin. In The Celestial Window I feel my team beyond are going to give us a brief insight into the spiritual world; how once we have submitted our allegiance to our Maker, the real adventure begins for us out in the spiritual dimension of the Cosmos.

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