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Voyage to Infinity.
Book Eight
Galactica Eternal
IN THE CLOSING STAGES of the Purlieusian Encounter, Vicky and Jamie's young spirit, Jon, has successfully emerged from the Evil One's satanic crypts. With this first phase of his quest for redemption behind him, Jon embarks upon the incarnate phase on the world called Sereneous. His life there, under the guidance of his mentors Vicky and Jamie, is thwart with the dark influence. The trials and tribulations are intense, but within his spiritual psyche lies the resource gained during his previous life and period spent in the satanic crypts.
As Jon moves towards the conclusion of his second phase for redemption, his success opens the door to Galactica Eternal for Vicky and Jamie. Jon and Katrina now as proven souls, move up to the Celestial Realm, and incarnate on their first world in the higher physical plane. The parting gestures shared with Vicky and Jamie, sense Jon and Katrina it is only a matter of time before they will join them in Galactica Eternal.
The story now centres upon Vicky and Jamie as they venture out into the Infinite One's Eternal Land, Galactica Eternal. The period they have spent on their voyage to infinity is incomprehensible - a period so vast that it can only be measured in the birth and decline of cosmological events. The answers to questions they have deliberated on, during their voyage across the physical planes are fulfilled, and taking up their place alongside their kindred spiritual companions, begin a new adventure where they will witness again the struggle they suffered, but in virgin spirits setting off on their voyages to infinity.
The physical presence is absent. There is no pain, human irritability or terrestrial upheavals: the spirit constantly bathed in an atmosphere of a brotherhood that is always in sight of the Infinite One. With the Celestial powers bequeathed to them in this benevolent environment, Vicky and Jamie are able to focus on the tasks entrusted to them by the Infinite One - tasks that will allow them to help virgin spirits' bring in to perspective where the true world exists.

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