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The Cyannian Trilogy
In the final book of the Cyannian Trilogy, I imply that humanity on the virgin world, Avataria, will follow a life-style similar to Earth. Not simply because the people of Earth have seeded it, but that I am influenced in my belief that the basic constituents and mechanisms to support the physical life exist everywhere in the universe.
The three books of the Cyannian Trilogy describe an evolutionary cycle of events that implies, the inhabitants of Earth are descendants of a successfully proven civilisation. Having seeded Earth, this civilisation is then governed by a universal protocol that forbids them to interfere with the learning processes on this new world. Cataclysm Earth tells the story of a world abused by its inhabitants, Heritage from Cyan describes how the people of Earth finally unite and find a solution to life that leads them to spiritual success. Avataria seeks to portray how, and why it all went wrong.
Drawing on a life-time of knowledge gained from my personal psychic experiences (thanks to the clairvoyant skills of my mother) I attempt to reveal a little of what I believe lies in the life beyond, and the opportunity I feel our lives here on Earth offer us to prepare for it. Convinced in that belief now, I submit unequivocally to the idea that death represents a natural progression from the physical life, and should not be deemed as a sinister event.
The narratives in book three, describe how I believe we are influenced by those in the spiritual dimension. Progressing through a period equating to the last two millenniums on Earth, I use a chronological series of similar events that take Avataria to the present day, implying history repeats itself but on this new world.
The stories I use are based on events that occurred during my past, some, however, are fictitious, but adhere to what I believe relates to the unseen drama taking place around us. I can offer no proof to support my ideas. But I feel duty bound to declare my intimate beliefs that have arisen from what I witnessed during séances held by my mother, and her companions.
Now approaching the twilight of my life, I ponder the question, what have I learned from my experiences? The simple answer; that we are each responsible for our own conduct and the conclusions we arrive at. True enough. But I feel the real solution to life is a collective one, and that success on a world scale can only be achieved by a united people. To help us accomplish this, I believe the opportunities to learn exist around us in all walks of life. Occasions will arise when we can rationalise over others opinions and benefit from them, but the real proof of the truth exists within us if we use our souls as the conduit through which to access the spiritual dimension.
In the closing chapters of Cataclysm Earth, my fictional character, Tristram, leads his people to discover the truth of the universe. Book two, Heritage from Cyan, develops into a life emblematical of that truth, taking them out into the cosmos. Book three, Avataria is symbolic of life on pre-cataclysmic Earth.
As a result of all my past experiences, I have become committed in my belief in the spiritual dimension. I do not pretend to have all the answers, and continue to listen to the small voice of conscience within that guides me. I am saddened to learn of any sect, religious or otherwise, that take up arms to force their beliefs on others, as the values they are striving to achieve are lost. If after reading this trilogy it offers one reader a particular direction to safely go in search of their life's solution, then it succeeds by influence and not by deed of force, satisfying the age-old criterion; we are all here to help one another.

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