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Book Two
Heritage from Cyan
The second book of The Cyannian Trilogy begins thirty years into the new era on Earth. Tristram, now approaching old age, has begun to pass on the responsibilities for the new civilisation to his son Floyd. Three children came from the marriage of Floyd, and Catherine. Paul, the eldest, David next, followed by Sue.
Their generation finally break the codes in the temple ledgers, and begin the development of the Universal Technology. Unknown to Floyd, and his mother, Polly, Tristram has an audience with his alien friend Antron, and learns of his imminent transition from Earth's physical plane to the spiritual dimension. After making that transition, Tristram becomes aware of the immense power his life on Earth has given him, and begins the second phase of his task.
From the Celestial Window, he uses that power to guide the people of Earth to take their world into the Celestial Realm. Allied to the Infinite One now as proven souls, they are able to reincarnate on these physical planes and through them, allow Tristram's spiritual legions to influence the young incarnate spirits.
Tristram waits for Floyd's children to complete the Universal Technology described in the temple ledgers. As it comes to fruition, all realise they are working from a blueprint that has been fashioned by a Divine hand, creating celestial platforms that will allow the spiritual dimension access to the physical planes.
Generations come and go, as Tristram's band of proven spirits expand his legions in the spiritual dimension. After the passing of two centuries on Earth the first Earthenian mothership orbits it, with many more under construction. Excitement rises in Tristram as, while under the guidance of his great friend Antron, he chooses the virgin world he is to master.
Before he can seed life on it, he must meet with the opposing entity there; the Evil One. As an emissary of the Infinite One, he learns it is the task of all masters seeding virgin worlds to offer the evil legions the opportunity of redemption. Completing this phase he seeds life on his world and prepares himself as the eternal conflict between good and evil begins.
In the closing chapters of "Heritage from Cyan" the influence of evil takes hold of his world, gaining access to the Universal Technology. As the second phase of his task draws to an end, he puts that technology out of human reach, using a power given to him by the Infinite One. This power appears in the form of mysterious Faceless Beings, with awesome capabilities to wreak havoc on a world. The completion of their task sets Tristram on course for the final phase of his plan; to take his virgin world into the Celestial Realm.

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