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Book One
Cataclysm Earth
In the first book of the Cyannian Trilogy, "Cataclysm Earth" a journalist, Tristram Velby, stands at the threshold of a huge upheaval. As the event takes hold of his world he deliberates on the content of three dreams he has had.
The first describes a disruption in his solar system that inflicts global catastrophic changes on Earth, bringing the current civilisation to an end.
His second dream tells of the rescue of him, and chosen ones, by an immensely superior civilisation, and results in an intergalactic journey to the host's planet. During this voyage, Tristram learns from the master alien many startling facts of Earth's history, and the origin of life on it.
The content of the third dream takes Tristram, and his people back to a resettled Earth, and the discovery of an ancient temple. Air-locked beneath the oceans for thousands of years in a huge bubble of air, the secrets of a Universal Technology have been guarded within its vaults by mysterious Faceless Beings.
His dreams manifest to reality, confirming them as premonitions. As Tristram unravels the secrets of this technology he reveals the tools to execute a plan given to him by a Supreme Being during his stay on the host planet. As the final chapter draws to an end, the choice is simple for Tristram and his people. Either learn the truth of the universe, or return to the immoral ways of old Earth with its inherent consequences.

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