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Book Three
The opening paragraphs in this last book of the Cyannian Trilogy, relates to the lifestyle currently existing on Avataria. The speed at which the Evil One was overcoming this world, described in the closing chapters of book two, had been checked by Tristram; setting the Universal Technology out of the reach of the human aspect. Resting in the temples deep beneath Avataria's oceans, this technology is now under the guardianship of mysterious Faceless Beings. Chapter one continues to describe the theme of life through the ages, using a time-scale similar to the periods that had existed on pre-cataclysmic Earth.
The occasion arrives when a Divine Being, from the celestial realm, enters Tristram's world to teach his young incarnate souls the truth of the universe. The Evil One wastes little time in persecuting this Divine spirit, capturing the wills of many young souls to help him. Following the end of this teaching process, the Supreme Being places Tristram under the guardianship of that Divine Being.
Strengthened by what he has learnt, Tristram embarks upon the final phase of his task. As the Evil One and his legions loom around him, he sets into motion a plan he hopes will take Avataria into the celestial realm. Ahead lies the age-old conflict between the good and evil entities of the universe he is now familiar with. The stakes are high in terms of the young souls passing through his world. They eagerly await entry to the physical plane, resolute in their quest to prove they can learn the truth of the universe. Poised in the spiritual dimension they stand at the threshold of their physical life, fully aware of its transient aspect compared to the infinitive spiritual existence.
The moment of conception takes away their spiritual knowledge, and they emerge as profoundly innocent incarnate infants. Tristram knows the critical phase lies within the early years under the guidance of their parent host, and which will determine the level of their success in the future. The spiritual dimension is brought into reality by randomly selected characters previously portrayed in the first and second books. Now as spiritual-guides, their task is to try and steer the incarnate souls away from the influence of the Evil One and his legions.
As chapter one draws to a close, Tristram ponders a dark cloud gathering on Avataria's celestial horizon. The eternal conflict between good and evil has now come face to face on his new physical plane. As we enter into chapter two, a journey begins through the decades that reflect life similar to Earth's up to the present day. The reader witnesses the lives of randomly taken young spirits; their stories narrated and monitored by their spiritual-guides. Throughout the chapters of book three, the passage of time is preserved, and the prevailing effect the lifestyle is having on Avataria's environment.
Gazing down from the celestial window, Earth's history repeats itself on this new world. But Tristram and his kindred spirits continue to watch over their young souls, waiting for one to stand up and be counted against the Evil One. He begins to experience the patience his great friend, Antron spoke of several thousand years before.

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