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Listening to the various scientific bodies located around our world, I contemplate their submissions of doom. The diversity of opinion seems, at times, contradictory, and yet, as Earth reveals in her changing moods the threat to humanity's survival in the future, the majority of us continue to ignore her warning.
In the Cyannian Trilogy, the story describes a brotherhood that brings all the races together on Earth to live as one people. The significance of this act focuses on several fundamental points. It describes a technological advancement that conserves the resources of Earth. The wealth of knowledge that they now possess is pooled in a world source and no longer isolated within individual nations. The boundaries of the physical life have been breached, allowing them access to the immense resource available in the spiritual dimension. And finally, having cherished their Earth, their new life-style maximises the time-scale there, affording them greater opportunity to learn about the truth of life on the physical plane.
A fantasy of fiction? There are two over-powering reasons that should influence our rationale toward the meaning of life today, and that is, the transient aspect of it, and the inevitable transition that leads us into the world beyond when it ends. "Sixty Psychic Years" follows a life-time of psychic experiences I have witnessed during séances held by my mother and her companions. Many inexplicable events have happened around me that have produced changes in the direction of my life I see now were inevitable.
From the time I was able to think for myself, I have steadily been influenced by these events, which gradually eroded my sceptical attitude toward my mother's belief. At first I yielded to prolific doubts; I wanted physical proof. But now in later years, I have learned the proof is within me. Submitting to the belief that life continues on after this physical existence ends, the proof has materialised.
It follows then, that no one reading my books will find conclusive evidence that the spiritual dimension exists. That despite the many religious doctrines existing today expounding their gems of truth, the final act has had to come from within me. As this introduction draws to a close, the dialogue contained in this new project relates the story of my impulsive struggle against the truth in my younger years, and the realisation of it in later life.

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