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Current Projects
The purpose of this page is to give my readers some idea of what the next project is going to involve. Having completed five books to date, this next project will be my most ambitious yet. All of my writing comes spontaneously, without making any plan. I admit this purposefully, and imply that the stories are dictated to me intuitively from beyond. Of course this may sound surreal, but I tender no apology for it, and simply leave my readers to accept that on faith or ignore it.
In the introductions and prefaces of each book, I seek to try and tie them in with the manuscripts' use of real events, which are affecting us today. From attending various séances, conducted by my mother and her colleagues, during my earlier life, I have learned a lot about the relationship that exists between the physical and spiritual dimensions. Weaving that knowledge into fictional stories, allowed me to take my readers on excursions into my understanding of the spiritual dimension, and hopefully sense a little of the truth and reality of that world beyond that I experienced. Where certain scenes are taken from real events, I have, of course, changed the names and situations to preserve peoples' identities.



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