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This website is dedicated to my writing; the content of which, I hope, will offer visitors sufficient information, which will encourage them to join me in the quest I have set myself. This quest, I hope, will be realised through the sales of my books, and bring about, not only a little support for the poorer communities across the world, but equally important, confirm an awareness of the plight facing us on Earth as we enter this uncertain age.
We are facing grave environmental issues that are already affecting our lives; it is imperative then, that we seek a solution to abandon our petty differences, and join together to search for a solution. The three books of The Cyannian Trilogy make individual statements. Cataclysm Earth describes a world uncared for, 'Heritage from Cyan', how a united world finds an answer, and finally, the new world 'Avataria', portraying a life-style that is symbolic of pre-cataclysmic Earth, narrating a story that suggests; how it all began, and why it went wrong.
Fiction? Conceded at present. But the themes in my books use real issues that make the events appear very plausible. The three books of the Cyannian Trilogy were released: Cataclysm Earth- July 2006: Heritage from Cyan- September 2007, and Avataria- May 2008 respectively, and are currently on sale over the web, and in most prominent book-shops. A list of retailers can be found on the 'Where to Buy page' and, in particular, on the Amazon and Google websites where excerpts of the books, on release, can be browsed, using their viewing programmes. While completing my autobiography, Sixty Psychic Years, I have published a small book of my mothers poems, Poems of Petals Poodles and Prayers. Visit the page to read their history.
My Fifth book, Sixty Psychic Years - was released June 2010, and describes my ascension through the years, witnessing the psychic phenomena of my mother, and her companion spiritual mediums. An autobiography, describing my traumatic upbringing; the many strange events that took place, gradually eroding my scepticism of the spiritual world; the prophecies arising from séances I was persuaded to sit in, and a finally, a realisation of the simple truth in later life.
On the Current Projects page, I have embarked upon a series of books entitled Voyage to Infinity. Visit this page to read a brief introduction about this project. The first book The Spiritual Inception was released June 2011. The second book of the series, A Rendezvous with Evil is due to be released spring 2012.
Please take the time to browse my web-pages, and read the editorials. The opportunity to comment is available on the Contact Me page, and a brief history of my life on the About Me page. about me page.

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